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The Peak Night of Vetastic Night 2023: Embrace the Beauty of Nature’s Diversity

A crowd was seen gathering on the evening of November 12 2023, at Gladiator IPB University. The crowd that filled Gladiator IPB University gathered to watch the peak night series of Vetastic Night 2023. Vetastic Night 2023 is one of the annual work programs of the Interests and Talents Department of BEM SKHB IPB University.

Vetastic Night 2023 carries the theme “Flower Garden” and the tagline “Embrace the Beauty of Nature’s Diversity.” The organizers promoted the concept of a flower garden as a visualization of harmony between humans, animals and the ecosystem. This intention aligns with the tagline that nature as a place that shelters humans and animals must be preserved for future generations.

Vetastic Night is an acronym for Veterinary Artistic Night. As the name suggests, Vetastic Night 2023 was held as a form of appreciation for the interest of students and the entire SKHB IPB University community in the field of art. Not limited to musical arts, Vetastic Night 2023 also displays traditional dance, modern dance and poetry. Paintings full of meaning “Flower Garden” decorate every corner of Gladiator IPB University. The organizers of Vetastic Night 2023 also brought in DJ Loy’s to liven up the atmosphere. At the end of the event, the committee involved as organizers presented a flashmob, which was attended by participants and visitors simultaneously. In the Vetastic Night 2023 series, two competitions in the art field were held before the peak night arrived, namely the outfit idea competition and the make-up competition.

Vetastic Night 2023 has succeeded in attracting the attention of more than 500 visitors. SKHB IPB University students from various classes and the SKHB IPB University community happily watched performance after performance from start to finish. IPB University Deputy Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs, Dean of SKHB IPB University, and lecturers were present to accompany the Vetastic Night event this time. (AP)