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Master of Animal Biomedical Sciences

SVMBS IPB University has one master study program, namely the Master of Animal Biomedical Science (with the title M.Sc or M.Si). This study program is a combination of all master study programs in the SVMBS. Currently this study program has 6 specializations, namely:

  1. Physiology and Pharmacology (IFO).
  2. Parasitology and Medical Entomology (PEK).
  3. Veterinary Public Health (KMV)
  4. Medical Microbiology (MKM)
  5. Reproductive Biology (BRP)
  6. Animal Biomedical Sciences (IBH)

Curiculum Study Program Animal Biomedical Science with Specialization

No Specializations Abbreviation Curiculum
1 Physiology and Pharmacology IFO Buka file
2 Parasitology and Medical Entomology PEK Buka file
3 Veterinary Public Health KMV Buka file
4 Medical Microbiology MKM Buka file
5 Reproduction Biology BRP Buka file
6 Animal Biomedical Sciences IBH Buka file

Master of Animal Biomedical Sciences