Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The veterinary teaching hospital at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedicine at IPB University was founded when the IPB Dramaga campus was built. Since 2000, the IPB Animal Hospital building was inaugurated and opened animal health services. Since its inception RSHP IPB has been a business unit managed by IPB, but since 2015 the management of the Animal Hospital has been under the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedicine IPB RSHP SKHB IPB has 3 main work programs, namely, education, research and community service.

The education program carried out at RSHP SKHB IPB is to support multi-level learning at SKHB IPB. Currently, RSHP SKHB IPB is a referral center for clinics in Bogor and Jabodetabek.

RSHP SKHB IPB opens animal health services in the form of a veterinary polyclinic. As a referral center, RSHP SKHB IPB is equipped with various facilities. Among others are: inpatient facilities, Health care (custody), Grooming, Endoscopy, Laboratory with special animal equipment, Operational services for small animals and large animals, Ultrasonography (USG), Radiography with digital and paperless systems, and RSHP’s newest service is the diagnostic imaging center

In terms of education, RSHP SKHB IPB is an education center for SKHB students who are currently undergoing the Veterinary Education Program (PPDH), apart from that, RSHP is also an education center for veterinarians who have graduated to deepen their favorite field of knowledge. In collaboration with IPB Training, RSHP established a Continuing Professional Development program. Apart from that, various cross-disciplinary training is also often carried out at RSHP.

Apart from partnering with colleagues, RSHP also provides research facilities that can accommodate researchers from within and outside IPB to conduct collaborative research at RSHP In terms of community service, RSHP SKHB IPB carries out several programs aimed at providing communication, education and information to animal owners. Apart from that, RSHP also collaborates with government agencies to carry out free rabies vaccinations.