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IPB University's School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SVMBS) held reinforcement learning materials for veterinary students on Monday (27/11/2023)…

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IPB University launched the Dermatology Center and Veterinary Dental Clinic as the first diagnostic and treatment centers for skin diseases…

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A crowd was seen gathering on the evening of November 12 2023, at Gladiator IPB University. The crowd that filled…

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  • Covid-19 Anti-coinfection Candidate Drugs Won Three International Innovation Awards

    Two students from SVMBS IPB University have won three awards in the…

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  • Cardiac Infarction Therapy with Stem Cells in Animals Cardiac Infarction Model

    The research "Making replicas and healing of the heart wall of infarction…

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  • Creating VETFUS, Digital-Based Infusions for Animals, SVMBS IPB University Students Win Gold at PIMNAS

    VETFUS is an innovation developed by the PKM SVMBS IPB team to…

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  • KATULAC, An Innovation to Increase Dairy Productivity

    KATULAC is an innovation of the research team chaired by Prof. drh.…

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