Residential Pest Control Study Unit

About Residential Pest Control Study Unit

Residential Pest Control Study Unit (Unit Pengelola Hewan Laboratorium/UKPHP) was established by the Ministry of Agriculture to conduct testing of pesticide products in the aspects of efficacy and toxicity. UKPHP provides various research and studies related to drugs or poisons to control pests such as rats, cockroaches, and mosquitoes.

UKPHP has also conducted several training on the introduction and control of vectors and pests. The training was attended by various agencies, including:

  • Community pest control institution
  • Technical staff of pesticide industries 
  • Personal related to environmental health management in transportation facilities, public buildings (hotels, hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, etc.), and industrial complex 
  • Personal related to implementing sanitation and pest control in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


Residential Pest Control Study Unit SVMBS IPB University

  • Person in charge: Prof. drh. Upik Kesumawati H, MS, PhD (
  • Jalan Agatis, Campus of IPB, Dramaga, Bogor 16680
  • Tel: (+62) 251-8471-431