Summer Course 2022

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The Summer Course 2022 will provide a comprehensive overview on tropical medicine in the frame of “One Health” to face the global challenges to human, animal, and environmental health in the future. The summer course focuses on the uniqueness of tropical animals, tropical environment, tropical pathogens, and tropical diseases. Lessons learned from tropical disease mitigation efforts in several countries will also be provided in this course. Lectures will cover a wide range of topics pertaining to One Health, tropical pathogens, common diseases as well as various mitigation strategies.The topics will be delivered by experts from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and the USA. This course is relevant for academia at multilevel (undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate) from different scientific backgrounds (e.g. veterinary, medicine, biomedicine, biology, and animal sciences) who are interested in One Health concept and transdisciplinary approaches.


1. Transferable course credit (2 credits)
2. Interactive lectures and class discussion
3. Virtual tour to local dairy farm in Pangalengan
4. E-certificate
5. Establishment of new network with experts and peers in the field


1. Animal and health management in tropical climate
2. Climate changes and tropical diseases
3. Tropical animal genetics
4. Non-infectious diseases in tropical animals
5. Animal welfare in tropical animals
6. One health concept in tropical countries
7. Tropical bacterial diseases
8. Tropical viral diseases
9. Tropical parasitic diseases
10. Mitigation of tropical disease for implementation of One Health
11. Mitigation of tropical diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa using phage
12. Biopharmaca for tropical diseases
13. Development of vaccine and pharmaceuticals for tropical

1. Completion of the registration form
2. A valid passport
3. A recent photograph

Registration is extended to 14st July 2022

Contact Person :
+62 811 8854420 (Dr Ronald Tarigan)