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IPB University Launched the First Dermatology Center and Veterinary Dental Clinic in Indonesia

IPB University launched the Dermatology Center and Veterinary Dental Clinic as the first diagnostic and treatment centers for skin diseases in Indonesia. The launch was carried out at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (RSHP) School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science (SKHB), Dramaga Bogor IPB Campus (16/11).

The Rector of IPB University, Prof Arif Satria, in his speech congratulated the opening of the Dermatology Center and Dental Clinic. He is of the view that with the continued development of RSHP IPB University facilities, the quality of the animals will undoubtedly improve. More and more patients will be able to benefit from this facility.

“SKHB IPB University must continue to develop. The field of veterinary and biomedical sciences is an extraordinary science, very skillful. On the basis of SKHB, IPB University can open a Faculty of Medicine. “The human medicine faculty cannot be separated from veterinary science,” he added.

The Executive Director of RSHP IPB University, Prof Drh Gunarti, said that the inauguration of the Dermatology Center and Dental Clinic was in order to improve the services of RSHP SKHB IPB University.

“RSHP IPB University continues to strive to keep up with changes, dynamics and technological developments in the field of animal health. “This Dermatology Center is the first diagnostic and treatment center for skin diseases in Indonesia,” she explained.

She also said that the Dermatology Center cannot be separated from the role of SKHB IPB University alumni who are determined to serve their alma mater. He is Dr Herisman Hernadi who is committed to helping SKHB IPB University develop the Dermatology Center.

“We really appreciate Dr Herisman Hernadi’s good intentions to return to campus to share his knowledge with IPB University residents. We hope that, apart from increasing the number of services and quality of RSHP, undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral students and IPB University’s Veterinary Professional Education Program (PPDH) will can also be involved as a vehicle for learning,” she added.

Prof Gunarti further said, apart from the Dermatology Center and Dental Clinic, currently RSHP IPB University already has centers such as the Diagnostic and Imaging Center, Cardiology Center and Clinical Skills Center. In the future, she targets to continue developing other centers such as the Urology Center and Oncology Center. “These centers were opened to facilitate education for specialist veterinary programs in Indonesia,” she continued.

Vice Dean of SKHB IPB University for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof Drh Ni Wayan Kurniani Karja, hopes that the center owned by RSHP can provide additional advantages for veterinary students when they graduate. The existence of a Dermatology Center and Animal Dental Clinic can provide enrichment and become a learning vehicle for students.

“Apart from that, the Dermatology Center and Dental Clinic can also be useful for international accreditation and become the basis for the formation of specialist study programs that do not yet exist in Indonesia,” she said. (AP/dh/Rz) (IAAS/YMK)