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Academic SOPs and Guidebook

Academics SOPs Bachelor of Veterinary Science

No ID SOPs Name SOPs Year Link Download
1 SOPs 01 Procedure a Learning Document Completion for Bachelor Program 24 January 2023 SOPs01
2 SOPs 02 Procedure Implementation of Lecture and Practicum 24 January 2023 SOPs02
3 SOPs 03 Procedure and Creation and Calibration of Exam Materials 24 January 2023 SOPs03
4 SOPs 04 Exam Implementation 24 January 2023 SOPs04
5 SOPs 05 Procedure Grade Entry and Grade Changes 24 January 2023 SOPs05
6 SOPs 06 Implementation Final Project Procedures 16 Februari 2022 SOPs06
7 SOPs 07 Colloquium on the Bachelor Final Project in the Veterinary Medicine 16 Februari 2022 SOPs07
8 SOPs 08 Bachelor Final Project Seminar in the Veterinary Medicine Program 24 January 2023 SOPs08
9 SOPs 09 Bachelor Final Examination in the Veterinary Medicine Program 24 January 2023 SOPs09

Guideline for Final Thesis

Academic SOPs Veterinary Professional Education

NoID SOPsName SOPsYearLink Download
1SOPs 10Procedure the Admission of New Students in the PPDH Program31 December 2022SOPs10
2SOPs 11Procedure Implementation of Lecture and Practice in the Program PPDH31 December 2022SOPs11
3SOPs 12Procedure Reporting Flow of Extramural Activities21 January 2023SOPs12
4SOPs 13Procedure Registration and Implementation of Student Competency Test for the Veterinary Proffesionall Education Program31 December 2022SOPs13
5SOPs 14Procedure Final Examination Implementation for Veterinary Studies31 December 2022SOPs14
6SOPs 15Procedure Certificate of Graduation Issuance in the PPDH Program31 December 2022SOPs15