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Healty and Safety

IPB has polyclinics for students and staff in the Dramaga Campus and Baranangsiang Campus that provide medical services.  The clinic has general medical doctors, dentists, and paramedics. Furthermore, students are supported by the student medical support system (Program Penyangga Kesehatan Mahasiswa, PPKM) including hospital care. IPB has one ambulance unit and a funeral car/hearse. In addition, IPB also provides campus buses and bikes which are accessible by all of campus member.

Students Health Support Program (PPKM) contains of:

  1. Inpatient fee aid (sickness)
  2. Inpatient/accident settlement fee aid
  3. Dead body management fee aid
  4. Making PPKM certificate for students who are going to the Field Work (KKN)/Field Work Practices (PKL)

IPB BPJS Collective Membership Program

  1. IPB BPJS Collective application
  2. IPB BPJS Collective cancellation
  3. IPB BPJS Collective Refund Subscription Fee Request
  4. Changing Health Facility BPJS
  5. IPB BPJS Collective Card Making for Those That Lose It
  6. IPB BPJS Collective Data Upgrade