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Vision and Mission of SVMBS


The vision of SVMBS IPB University is to establish superior veterinary and biomedical study programs based on innovative human resource development and research in science and technology in order to  produce highly competitive graduates by 2035.


  1. Organizing innovative competency-based and student-centered veterinary and biomedical education at the undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and veterinary levels to produce graduates that are ready to face technological developments (technology changing) and future challenges (future-ready).
  2. Promote lifelong learning patterns and facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge and skills through continuing professional development (CPD).
  3. Building a professional culture that can adapt, inspire innovation, and build an entrepreneurial mindset (techno-socio entrepreneurship) to support the implementation of sustainable national development through quality research and community service activities.
  4. Expanding influence as an educational institution trusted and respected by all stakeholders and plays a role in improving people’s lives through animal health, animal husbandry, and biomedicine through harmonizing animal, human, and environmental relationships (One health). 


  1. To produce bachelors, masters, doctors, veterinarians and specialist veterinarians, who are skilled, have integrity, competent and meet the Indonesian Veterinary Competency Standards, the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI) in the field of Veterinary Medicine and biomedical, as well as the Day-1 Competencies of Graduating Veterinarians from Office International des Epizooties (OIE)/World Organization for Animal Health.
  2. To provide various structured Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities independently or in collaboration with professional organizations and other related partners.
  3. To develop various innovative basic, applied and strategic research in the field of veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences with an entrepreneurial spirit to support sustainable national development.
  4. To implement inventions in the field of animal health, husbandry and biomedicine for human and animal welfare and environmental sustainability.