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Education and Services Laboratory (LPL)

The Education and Service Laboratory (Laboratorium Pendidikan dan Layanan / LPL) of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SVMBS) IPB University conducts various research in veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences. Furthermore, it offers services, including molecular tests, to public customers.


To become a leading laboratory in the field of veterinary and biomedical sciences at the regional and international level.


  • Conducting research in veterinary and biomedical fields to support undergraduate and postgraduate education.
  • Conducting molecular tess related to animal diseases, zoonoses, and animal products.
  • Improving people’s standard of living through testing services in the field of animal health and animal husbandry


TestSamplePrice (Rp.) per sample
I.  Molecular Test for Virus
1.RT-PCR AI – H5* (Akreditasi KAN LP-1261-IDN)Organ /Swab Kloaka /SwabTrakhea400.000
2.RT-PCR AI – N1* (Akreditasi KAN LP-1261-IDN)Organ /Swab Kloaka /SwabTrakhea400.000
3.RT-PCR ND – Matriks NDOrgan /Swab Kloaka /SwabTrakhea400.000
4.RT-PCR ND – FusionOrgan /Swab Kloaka /SwabTrakhea400.000
5.RT-PCR ND avirulent dan virulentOrgan /Swab Kloaka /SwabTrakhea800.000
6.RT-PCR IBOrgan /Swab Kloaka /SwabTrakhea400.000
7.RT-PCR IBDOrgan /Swab Kloaka /SwabTrakhea400.000

*Accredited by ISO/IEC 17025:2017

TestSamplePrice (Rp.) per sample
II.  Molecular Tests for Protozoa
1.Toxoplasma spDarah utuh500.000
2.BabesiaDarah utuh500.000
3.TrypanosomaDarah utuh500.000
1.High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge (Himac CR 21G)
2.Sentrifus untuk tabung mikro 1.5 ml (Kokusan)
3.GeneAmp PCR System 9700 – Thermal Cycler
4Elektroforesis unit
5UV Transluminator
6MiSeq TM illumine (Next Generation Sequencing – NGS)
7Applied Biosystems – SimpliAmp Thermal Cycler
8Applied Biosystems – StepOnePlus Real-Time PCR
9Applied Biosystems – SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer (DNA Analysis)
10Thermo Scientific MULTISKAN FC– Microplate Reader
11Low Speed Centrifuge LC-230 (TOMY)
12High Speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge MX-207 (TOMY)

**For further information, please contact lplfkhipb@gmail.com