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SKHB IPB University and PDHI West Java II Provide Prospective Veterinarians with Professional Ethics and Professional Communication

IPB University’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SKHB) collaborates with the West Java II Branch of the Indonesian Veterinary Association (PDHI) to provide training on Veterinary Professional Ethics and Collaboration and Professional Communication.

The provision is intended for students of the 2022-2023 Period I Veterinary Professional Education (PPDH) program. The activity was held for three days (7-9/11) in the SKHB Transformation Hall, IPB Dramaga Campus.

“A veterinarian must be able to be a ‘leader’ in relationships with patients, clients, and colleagues. “The ethical leadership of a veterinarian can demonstrate appropriate behavior, in accordance with the principles and values recognized both within and outside the scope of his professional work,” explained the Chair of PDHI West Java II Branch, drh Soenarti Daroendio, MSi, MARS.

She added that an ethical veterinarian must also be able to set an example to his clients, colleagues and employees. This exemplary attitude is realized by inspiring, developing and creating a culture of trust and respect.

The resource person from SKHB IPB University, Dr drh. Setyo Widodo, in his material said that good medical records are a reflection of good medical practice. Apart from that, medical records can also be decisive in analyzing a case as the main accurate evidence for legal implications.

No less interesting, Dr drh Sri Estuningsih explained ethical norms. She emphasized that an ethical norm is a norm which, if violated, will ‘only’ result in moral sanctions for the violator. However, a violation of professional ethics can be subject to professional disciplinary sanctions, in the form of a warning to a more severe form, namely the obligation to undergo certain education or training and even the revocation of the right to practice a profession. (*/Rz) (IAAS/Res)