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SKHB IPB University Presents Innovation and Clinical Consultation for Smallholder Farmers in Central Lampung Regency

As a series of declarations of the School of People’s Animal Husbandry (SPR)-1111 in Karang Endah Village, Central Lampung District (Lamteng), Lampung Province, the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SKHB) IPB University held an animal health and livestock clinic consultation (12/9) for small-scale farmers.

A total of six veterinarians and four IPB University experts including three professors went directly to the field to provide enlightenment through clinical consultations in veterinary practice rooms to nearly 100 farmers. The farmers came from three SPR-1111 IPB in Lamteng Regency, namely SPR Karnadi Jaya Abadi (Terbanggi Besar District), SPR Berkah Ternak Bersama (Terusan Nunyai District) and SPR Maju Jaya Bersama (Way Pengubuan District).

“For two years now, IPB University has been seriously thinking about livestock development and helping farmers in Lamteng. The SPR developed by IPB University is very significant in helping farmers’ institutions. We are greatly helped. This is a good example of how universities can disseminate their innovations and lecturers directly to farmers,” said Chairman of the Plantation, Livestock, Fisheries (P3) Office of Lamteng Regency, Ir Khresna Rajasa, MM.

Dean of SKHB IPB University, Dr Amrozi, who was present to open the event, said that the IPB University experts involved were senior lecturers who had a lot of experience in the field in community service activities. “Hopefully, the presence of veterinarians and livestock experts from IPB University can help the difficulties of farmers in Lamteng Regency,” he said.

In its implementation, six consultation rooms were prepared in which IPB University veterinarians and experts were ready to consult with farmers. The six consultation rooms include:

– Room (A) Livestock Health Clinic, divided into clinical diseases (Dr drh Retno Wulansari), parasitic diseases (Prof dr Fadjar Satrija) and infectious diseases (Dr drh Sri Murtini).

– Room (B) Reproduction and Lactation Clinic (Dr drh Ligaya Tumbelaka and Dr drh Ronald Tarigan)

– Room (C) Animal Feed Clinic (Dr Indah Wijayanti)

– Room (D) Institutional and Socio-Economic Clinic (Dr Anggraini Sukmawati)

– Room (E) Environmental Health Clinic (Prof drh Agik Suprayogi and Dr Salundik)

– Room (F) SPR institutional consultation and livestock policy (Prof Muladno)

“This activity is an action of SKHB IPB University to respond to issues that develop in farmers, considering that they lack the knowledge of health and environmental aspects of livestock, socio-economics and institutions. This often hampers the progress of livestock farming and causes farmer unrest, especially associated with the presence of foot and mouth disease (FMD) and lumpy skin diseases (LSD),” said Prof Agik who is also the Chair of the Participatory Learning Programme (P3)-SPR IPB.

In general, Prof Agik elaborated, the complaints of farmers in consultation are about the occurrence and handling of parasitic diseases that can interfere with the growth and immunity of livestock, in addition to various cases of livestock reproduction that also often appear. “Farmers still do not understand the process of handling and occurrence of diseases, thankfully in this consultation event most of them understand,” he said.

In addition, the classical problems of animal husbandry such as feed sufficiency, environmental pollution and marketing aspects still seem to be a difficulty for farmers in Lamteng Regency.

“It is hoped that this clinical consultation activity will be able to treat the anxiety of SPR IPB University farmers in Lamteng Regency regarding animal health and animal husbandry management, and give new hope for the health of their livestock, which is where IPB University experts should practice their knowledge from their beloved campus,” concluded Prof Agik.

One of the farmers, Jumingan, admitted that he was happy to get enlightenment from IPB University experts. “I didn’t think that the location of our cage was attended by such great experts from IPB University,” he said. (asp/Rz/AP) (IAAS/RUM)