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The excitement of INAHEX 2023, Free Rabies Vaccination in the Presence of Japanese Oncology Experts

School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SKHB) IPB University organized the Indonesia Animal Hospital and Clinic Expo (INAHEX) 2023. At this event, INAHEX presented an oncology expert from Japan, Dr Tetsuya Kobayashi. In his presentation, Dr Tatsuya Kobayashi revealed the latest technology in the diagnosis of cancer patients and the appropriate therapeutic technology.

Other speakers were Prof drh Gunanti from IPB University, Dr drh Agus Susanto from the Head of Standardization Center for Livestock and Animal Health Instruments, Dr Rey Barcenas Oronan from the Philippines, Dr Sirilak Disation Surachetong from Thailand.

Drh Arni Diana Fitri, MSi, as the chairperson of the committee said, “The INAHEX event is designed to facilitate the exchange of the latest information and innovations in the industry, including international seminars, an expo of animal health services and industry, continuing professional development, and scientific meetings.”

Not only that, in order to maximize the impact of the veterinary world on the general public, 110 free rabies vaccinations, fun cat shows, scientific work competitions for students, and coloring competitions for children were also held. The event was attended by no less than 247 participants.

The exhibition showcases the latest products and services from leading companies in the animal health industry. A range of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, pet food, and related products and solutions are also on display.

In his speech, the Dean of SKHB IPB University, Dr drh Amrozi, said that this event really supports the veterinary profession, especially in terms of practice. Moreover, the demands related to veterinary medicine are different at this time, so the help of medical equipment is very important.

“The organization of INAHEX is very important in how the participants, whether students, alumni, or practitioners, can utilize the available technology. It is an excellent opportunity to see the latest developments in the veterinary medicine and health industries, as well as establish fruitful business relationships. This needs to be strengthened,” he said.

In addition, he said that according to the strategic plan (renstra), SKHB IPB University agreed to revitalize facilities worth Rp 5.9 billion to fix four laboratories. Not only that, there will be Rp 10–11 billion for the revitalization of equipment at SKHB IPB University.

“Therefore, it is important to be able to improve the skills of the veterinary profession. Maintenance capabilities must be improved. There must be people who can use it well,” he added.

For this reason, continuing professional education (CPD) activities were presented in the INAHEX series. “CPD, especially in the field of learning and skill development of veterinary human resources, is important so that they can continue to upgrade their knowledge according to the demands. Various things must be strengthened, veterinarians are required to be not only scientifically capable but also professional in their work ethics,” he said.

Also present to give a speech was the Secretary General of the Indonesian Veterinary Professional Association, Andi Wijanarko. He advised making the best use of the INAHEX event. (*/Rz) (IAAS/MZS/AP)