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IPB University Student Creates Practical Rinse-Free Cat Shampoo

Ectoparasitic infections are a common issue often encountered in cats. These infections can lead to various problems such as baldness, fur loss, scabies, and reduced aesthetic appearance in these cute and adorable animals.

The most effective way to avoid ectoparasites in cats is by regularly bathing them, usually with water. However, most cats do not enjoy water, making the bathing process impractical.

Therefore, five students from IPB University through the Student Creativity Program in the Entrepreneurship field (PKM-K) have created the innovation product ‘Shakura’, a practical cat shampoo that does not require water for rinsing. This product was conceptualized by Khairunnisa, Dwinitha Ayudyah, Akmal Zidan, Vany RMS, and Ilham Putra, along with Dr. Burhanuddin as their supervising lecturer.

“Shakura is a practical cat shampoo product that does not require water for rinsing. This product brings an innovative solution for cat owners who want to take care of the hair and cleanliness of their pets,” said Khairunnisa.

She explained that Shakura is a revolutionary dry foam shampoo, packaged in a bottle with a silicone applicator comb that makes it easier for cat owners to use. This product not only saves water but also ensures cleanliness by avoiding direct contact between the owner’s hands and the cat’s hair, making it more hygienic.

Shakura uses natural ingredients in its formula, including rice wash water, soapnuts, and rosemary leaves. “Actually, our initial intention was to provide economic value for rice wash water that is often discarded, and it turns out that rice wash water contains inositol which has the potential to care for hair, including cat hair,” she said.

Furthermore, Khairunnisa elaborated that the use of rosemary leaf extract in the Shakura product is due to the presence of rosmarinic acid, caffeic acid, and carnocid acid, which can help improve blood circulation in the skin and repair cat hair tissue and follicles. Meanwhile, soapnut extract functions as a preventive measure against flea problems in cats due to its natural saponin content and antibacterial activity.

The Shakura product was launched in September 2023 and has already been marketed through online media, pet shops, and offline exhibitions. Currently, Shakura is priced at Rp 24,900 for a 100 mL size.

“The target is for this product to be marketed throughout Indonesia and even internationally. Shakura is concrete evidence of how innovation can change the way we care for pets and preserve the environment around us,” Khairunnisa concluded. (*/Rz/AP) (IAAS/Hap)