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An Event to Show Interest and Talent, BEM SKHB IPB University Holds the Second Art Corner

The interest and talent department of the Student Executive Board (BEM) of the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science (SKHB) IPB University held the second Art Corner activity some time ago. Not only in the form of student performances, Pojok Seni was more interactive by organizing a photo exhibition and making bracelets and key chains.

The concept that involves students makes this Art Corner event get a lot of positive responses. Dean of SKHB IPB University, Dr drh Amrozi also enlivened the Art Corner activities.

Hafiz, an SKHB student who attended the event said that this Art Corner activity could be a forum for students to display their artistic talents. “Interestingly, this activity can be a forum for SKHB students to display their artistic talents,” said Hafiz.

Another student, Risa, who participated in the activity, said the Art Corner activity could make students active in activities outside the classroom.

“It’s really fun, especially since we can make bracelets and keychains here too, so we don’t just listen and watch performances, there are also activities that we can participate in,” said Risa.

Fasya, a student who was the head of the Art Corner, said that the activity was met with positive responses and enthusiasm from students. “There are many positive responses from students, I didn’t expect my friends to be so enthusiastic about this art corner activity,” said Fasya.

Fasya continued that with the positive response and enthusiasm of SKHB students, it is hoped that this BEM SKHB art corner can continue with more interesting innovations and performances. (AP/Lp) (IAAS/MZS)