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SVMBS IPB University Conducted Semester Preparation and Appreciation Event for Lecturers and Education Staff

IPB University students recently conducted an evaluation of the teaching and learning process (EPBM) to gauge the effectiveness of academic activities. The EPBM was administered twice—prior to the mid-semester exam (UTS) and before the final semester exam (UAS). Students not only provided assessments but also offered constructive suggestions to enhance the teaching and learning experience, encompassing both processes and facilities. These insights play a crucial role in refining the quality of education for subsequent semesters.

The outcomes of the student evaluations were communicated directly to SVMBS lecturers during the “Kick-off Meeting: Socialization of the 2023/2024 Even Semester and Appreciation Event of the 2023/2024 Odd Semester.” Prof. drh. Ni Wayan Kurniani Karja, the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, shared the feedback on January 19, 2024.

“Students expressed satisfaction with the teaching process, acknowledging the clear delivery of course material by the lecturers. Some suggestions included the need for proper updates on the https://class.ipb.ac.id page, updates to certain teaching materials, alignment of exam questions with the taught material, and the importance of providing adequate time limits for assignments,” explained Ni Wayan regarding the EPBM results. The anonymity of the system ensured that students could freely share their suggestions.

Prof. Ni Wayan concluded, “We will use the feedback from the EPBM as a foundation for enhancing the quality of learning in the upcoming semester.”

Simultaneously, the event featured a ceremony to present new equipment for lecture and practicum activities, funded by the Institutional and Facilities Development (BPIF) scheme. These enhancements are expected to elevate the academic and research processes at SVMBS IPB University.

Vice Dean of Resources, Collaboration, and Development, Dr. Drh. Andriyanto, MSi, encouraged the utilization of the available facilities, stating, “SVMBS is one of the faculties that effectively utilizes BPIF funds at IPB. Let’s collectively leverage the facilities and equipment in 2023 to enhance the performance of lecturers, education staff, and the entire faculty.”

Concluding the event, an appreciation ceremony recognized outstanding individuals within the SVMBS IPB University academic community for the Odd Semester of the Academic Year 2023-2024. Noteworthy awardees included the best course, best lecturer, and employees excelling in various categories. The persons who won appreciation and excelled during the Odd semester of Academic Year 2023-2024 are as follows:

1. The best course based on EPBM: Veterinary Histology I

2. Best lecturer based on EPBM: Dr. drh. Wahono Esthi Prasetyaningtyas M.Sc.

3. Lecturer with most national scientific publications: Dr. drh. Koekoeh Santoso

4. Lecturer with most international scientific publications: Prof. Dr. drh. Bambang Purwantara, M.Sc.

5. Best laboratory technician: Wahyudin, A.Ma.

6. Best employee of the Dean’s office: Siti Herni

7. Best employee in Sub Division of Education and Student Affairs: Siti Zakiah, A.Md.

8. Best employee of the PIC civil Service: Intan Tiara Agustin, S.I.Kom.

9. Best employee in the sub division Facilities and Infrastructure: Angga Setiyawan

10. Best employee of Animal Education Hospital: M. Husni Mubaroq, S.E.

11. Best employee in Division/Sub Division: Desi Karlina

12. Best educational staff: Marlina, S.E

The hope is that the socialization of early semester preparations and the appreciation ceremony will contribute to the continual improvement of SVMBS IPB University’s performance in the upcoming semester. (kms/dar)