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The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at IPB University Conducted Rabies Vaccination for Staff, Veterinarians and Paramedics

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital (RSHP), School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences (SVMBS) IPB University conducted rabies vaccination for staff, veterinarians and paramedics within the RSHP (27/7). Through vaccination programs, rabies transmission from animals to humans can be prevented.

Lecturers and staff from the Division of Internal Medicine and the Division of Surgery and Radiology at SVMBS were vaccinated against rabies trough this program. Additionally, veterinarians from other veterinary clinics, such as Bobon Pet Care and Cimanggu Pet Care, also received the rabies vaccine. The Executive Director of RSHP SVMBS, Prof. Dr. drh. Gunanti, MS, warmly welcomed the participants of the rabies vaccination.

In addition to vaccination, nurses and health workers from PT BioFarma provided socialization on first aid if people were exposed to the rabies virus. As part of the socialization, it was also explained how to prevent transmission of the rabies virus when handling animals (especially patients) that can transmit the disease. (AP/KY/DAR)