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School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences IPB University Receives a Visit from Delegation of Can Tho University, Vietnam

The delegations from the College of Agriculture of Can Tho University visited the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SVMBS) at IPB University (5/12). Dr. Andriyanto, the Vice Dean of Resources, Cooperation, and Development Affairs, held a meeting with delegations from Can Tho University. The delegations consisted of three professors and 25 students from various majors, including veterinary medicine, animal sciences, and agriculture. The meeting took place at the Transformasi Hall of SVMBS IPB University. This visit was part of a series of collaborative visits by Can Tho University to various units and facilities at IPB University, including the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and the Faculty of Agriculture.

The SVMBS IPB University Representatives warmly welcomed the delegations from Can Tho University Vietnam. This visit provided an opportunity for discussion and sharing of academic and research processes at SVMBS IPB University. During the event, Vice Dean Dr. Andriyanto explained the various programs offered at SVMBS. These include the Undergraduate Program in Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Professional Education Program, Undergraduate Program in Biomedical Science, and Postgraduate Program in Veterinary Biomedical Science (Master and Doctoral). Dr. Andriyanto also highlighted that the Undergraduate Program in Veterinary Medicine not only offers regular classes but also international classes. Dr. Andriyanto hopes that this initiative will lead to the enrollment of Vietnamese students in the future.

During the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Trong Ngu, the Vice Dean of the College of Agriculture, expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome extended by SVMBS IPB University. He also expressed his hope that Can Tho University can strengthen its collaboration with IPB University with further collaborative actions with SVMBS in the future.

Several faculties and staff participated in the activity, including Dr. Amaq Fadholly, Dr. Arifin Budiman Nugraha, Dr. Diah Nugrahani Pristihadi, drh. Arni Diana Fitri, and Ms. Vera Nora Indra Astuti, SPt, MM, along with other SVMBS staff. During their visit to SVMBS, the delegations from Can Tho University had the opportunity to visit several facilities under the guidance of Dr. Amaq Fadholly and his team. These included the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Poultry Health Research Farm, Laboratory Animal Management Unit, and various facilities at SVMBS IPB University. Additionally, the delegations was invited to visit the Unit of Rehabilitation and Reproduction as well as the nearby Equestrian Park. After the visit, the activities at SVMBS were wrapped up with conversations over lunch at the Aula Transformasi.

Finally, Vice Dean Dr. Andriyanto expressed his hope for a follow-up from both SVMBS IPB University and the College of Agriculture Can Tho University. Currently, IPB University has a formal collaborative partnership with Can Tho University with a memorandum of understanding (MoU). “We believe that the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of IPB University and the College of Agriculture of Can Tho University Vietnam will be able to initiate several types of collaboration in the future.”, Dr. Andriyanto concluded his speech in the meeting. (DDC/AP)