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IPB University Opens Biomedical Undergraduate Study Program

This year IPB University opened a Biomedical Study Program (Prodi) for undergraduate level (S1). This Biomedical Study Program is under the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedicine (SKHB). The Biomedical Study Program is opened through the IPB University Independent Selection (SM) Pathway whose registration opened in early May this month.

Prof Deni Noviana, Vice Rector of IPB University for Education and Student Affairs said, the opening of Biomedical Study Program was motivated by three strengths. First, the power of research. “A lot of research originating from veterinary medicine is developing towards biomedicine. There is a lot of research on new drugs,” he said.

The second strength is competent lecturers. According to him, many IPB University lecturers have competence in the fields of medicine, biology, physics and chemistry. “Currently, not a few IPB University lecturers from SKHB are involved in guiding medical students at the University of Indonesia and Padjadjaran University.”

Meanwhile, continued Prof Deni Noviana, the third strength is based on the results of a survey conducted by SKHB IPB University regarding the study programs most in demand by students in 2022. The survey results show that the study programs chosen by prospective students are medicine, pharmacy, and biomedicine.

“With IPB University opening a Biomedical Study Program, it will fulfill the need for biomedical expertise, people who are competent in making drugs or making biological materials,” said Prof Deni. 

According to him, this is also in line and in accordance with future needs considering that most Indonesian medicines are currently still imported. The opening of the Biomedical Study Program is also in line with IPB University which has opened the Faculty of Medicine.

“Those who have biomedical expertise are expected to make and develop drugs and serums, work in laboratories or drug development companies, or can also become a technopreneur by creating medical devices,” he said.

Prof Deni explained that a biomedical person is not a doctor. They are people who are able to concoct and formulate drugs. But also not a pharmacist. “Prescribers only translate drug needs, but those who concoct and make new drugs are people who master biomedical sciences,” he said.

With the presence of this Biomedical Study Program, he emphasized that IPB University can fill the void of the need for biomedical human resources (HR) and can continue to increase the gross enrollment rate (APK), and is in line with the vision of the institution. (dh/Rz) (IAAS/MKY) (AP)