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SVMBS IPB University Held the Training of “Ceva Broiler University, Indonesia”

IPB University’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SVMBS) held a training with the theme “Ceva Broiler University, Indonesia”, 15/2. This activity is a collaboration between SVMBS IPB University and PT. Ceva Animal Health Indonesia. This activity was attended by young veterinarians who recently graduated from SVMBS IPB University. This training activity aims to provide knowledge for new veterinarians who will enter the world of work or are currently working in the poultry sector.

This activity presented speakers Prof. drh. Agus Setiyono M.S., Ph.D, APVet from SVMBS IPB University with the topic “Introduction to Necropsy and Embryo Diagnose”; Drh. Vetnizah Juniantito, PhD, APVet; and drh. Mawar Subangkit, MSi, PhD with the same topic “Necropsy and Embryo Diagnose”; Dr. drh. Andriyanto, M.Si with the topic “Drugs Free Poultry Production”; Untung Prayitno who is VSE Supervisor Automation Ceva Animal Health Indonesia with the topic “Ideal In-ovo Vaccination: Laser Life and Egginject”. The training activities continued with workshops related to poultry diseases. All activities take place at the RSHP IPB University.

“This training adds to our knowledge regarding poultry diseases. As new veterinarians, we need to know what poultry diseases are going on and how to deal with them,” said one of the training participants. (AP)