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Vacancy announcement 1

Unravelling the contacts within and between Indonesian poultry sectors

The PhD student will describe the contact structure of the Indonesian poultry husbandry in a quantitative way.

Local poultry experts will be interviewed to obtain a comprehensive list of contacts to and from each of the farm types (broilers, layers, ducks and backyard) in a poultry production chain. Next, literature will be reviewed regarding information on the potential of these contacts to transmit infectious poultry diseases. These results will be used to develop a structured questionnaire and a logbook to collect data on the rate of contacts between poultry farms in West-Java.

An area in West-Java/Banten will be designated and relevant contact information will be collected from farms in this area. In addition the contact pattern of persons visiting farms will be examined. Analysis of these data will reveal the rate of contacts that could potentially transfer HPAIv 1) between farms within the same poultry production chain (broilers, layers, ducks, backyard), 2) between farms in different poultry production chains and 3) to and within poultry collector houses and live bird markets. Next the effect of various factors, such as poultry type or poultry sector (biosecurity level I, II, III and IV) will be estimated. Finally, a contact network will be created including both the contact and spatial components of the Indonesian poultry population.

The work will be carried out both at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University and IPB, Bogor. The PhD student defend  the PhD thesis at Utrecht University

We ask

For this project we look for an enthusiastic result-driven person with a veterinary background and interest in epidemiology, poultry and knowledge of the Indonesian poultry chain. Excellent research skills and analytical abilities are required as well as good communication skills and proficiency in English (both oral and written).

The MSc/PhD candidate should have a veterinary degree and a position with a university in Indonesia in order to be entitled for a DIKTI scholarship (for details see:www.beasiswa.dikti.go.id/).  The candidate should fulfill the entry requirements for admission to the MSc and PhD study at Utrecht University, which include adequate knowledge of the English language (IELTS test 6.0). (for details see: http://www.uu.nl/faculty/veterinarymedicine/EN/education/infostudent/master/Postgr_MSc_Vet_Science/Application_and_Admission/Pages/default.aspx).

We offer

We offer academic and financial support for the selected candidate to follow a study and research programme leading to the MSc degree ‘Veterinary epidemiology or economics’ and a  PhD degree at UtrechtUniversity. The MSc programme is financially supported by the SPIN budget and the PhD programme by a DIKTI scholarship.  

Further Information

Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from prof. dr. Arjan Stegeman (J.A.Stegeman@uu.nl) or  dr. Yusuf Ridwan (yusufridwan67@yahoo.com)