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Cardiac Infarction Therapy with Stem Cells in Animals Cardiac Infarction Model

The research “Making replicas and healing of the heart wall of infarction in pigs as a therapeutic model for humans” is an innovative and visionary breakthrough resulting from the collaboration between SVMBS IPB University, the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, and the Indonesia Medical Education and Research Institute (IMERI) University of Indonesia.

This research was carried out by a research team consisting of Prof. Drh Deni Noviana PhD, DAiCVIM; Prof. Drh Arief Boediono, Ph.D; Prof Dr Drh Gunanti MS; Dr. Normalina Sandora, M.Sc., PhD; and dr. M Arza Putra, Sp.BTKV(K). This activity resulted in a novelty in animal cardiac infarction model that showed the progressivity of the infarction and the response to therapy. Cardiac infarction model animals have been successfully created with consistent results.

Animal model infarction was successfully treated with stem cells. Stem cells are isolated from the placenta of animals used as animal models. Stem cells with high viability are used for animal therapy infarction models. 

This research has been carried out since 2020 at RSHP SKHB IPB. These results represent advances in the biomedical field as an alternative therapy for cardiac infarction, through studies in animal models. 

This collaboration shows the synergy between the fields of medicine and veterinary medicine. The achievements of this research activity are methods for making cardiac infarction model animals through surgical procedures with minimal intervention, production of stem cells of placental origin for cardiac infarction therapy, and scientific articles.


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Conference: https://confgate.net/2020/icvs/kfz/abstract/RFvLeG6Cf