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Summer Course Competition 2022 “One Health Concept for Tropical Diseases Mitigation”

School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences congratulate all the winners of Summer Course Competition:

1st Winner: LOW SUEY YEE (Universiti Putra Malaysia)


Interaction between animals and human have started a long time ago. Animals provide benefits to humans including food, livelihood, companionship, etc. However, animals could sometimes carry harmful germs such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi that might cause different types of illness. The disease that can be transmitted between humans and animals is known as a zoonotic disease. It can be spread through direct contact, indirect contact, waterborne, vector-borne, and food-borne. One health (OH) is a concept that aims to bring human, animal, and environmental health together. It involved efforts from multiple disciplines to improve the health of humans, animals, and the environment. As the zoonotic disease is one of the listed issues, the OH approach aims to combat zoonotic disease by encouraging professionals to communicate, collaborate and coordinate on this issue. OH approach plays an important role to improve global preparedness and response to the future zoonotic disease outbreak.

2nd Winner : Daffa Raditya Fernanda (Universitas Indonesia)


Human-Induced Rapid Environmental Change (HIREC) activities have caused a lot of unavoidable damage. More than 2/3 of new diseases arise as a result of human activities that trigger zoonoses. The boundaries of species and green welfare that are damaged by humans have caused the extinction of human civilization itself. Dare we keep our eyes closed? Act now or become extinct. Make your choice.

3rd Winner : Tan Ji Xiu (Universiti Putra Malaysia)


The title of the infographic is leptospirosis. The reason I choose this title is because this zoonotic disease is in active status in my country Malaysia. The purpose of this infographic / poster is to share the details of leptospirosis to the public with aims to increase the awareness towards this disease including the general introduction, symptoms of infection, carrier of the causative agent, complications of this disease, public health management and the prevention of this disease.