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Sri Estuningsih, Drh. MSi. Dr


Klinik, Reproduksi dan Patologi





Latar Belakang Pendidikan

  • Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia, 1988, Kedokteran Hewan (S1)
  • Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia, 1998, Kultur Jaringan dan Mikrobiologi (S2)
  • Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia, 2001, Patologi dan Mikrobiologi (S3)


Veterinary Patholgy

Riset Interest

  • In vivo assay on immunostimulant property of Virgin Cocconut Oil, Pandanus conoidales
  • Pathogenicity and Pathogenesis of Enterobacter (Chronobacter) sakazakii isolated from infant formula using mouse as model
  • Developing of Irradiated  Streptococcus agalactia isolated from subclinical mastitis for vaccine candidate against  Bovine subclinical mastitis.
  • Study on the corelation between Candida albicans with immunosupression broiler chicken.


S. Estuningsih, ,  C. Holtkötter, Hassan, A.,  Ö. Akineden E. Schneider, und E. usleber. 2006. Enterobacteriaceae in Dehydrated Powdered Infant Formulae Manufactured in Indonesia and Malaysia. Journal of Food protection, Vol 69, No. 12, Pages 3013 -3017

Hassan, A. A.,  Ö. Akineden E.,  C. Holtkötter S. Estuningsih, E. Schneider, und E. usleber. 2007.  Characterization of the gene encoding the 16S rRNA of Enterobacter sakazakii and development a species specific PCR method.  International Journal of Food microbiology 116 : 214 -220

S. Estuningsih and N. Abdullah Sani. Chapter 8 : Powdered Infant Formula in developing and other Countries – Issues and Prospect.  Pp :221-234. ASM (American Association of Microbiology) Press :  Emerging Issues in Food Safety  Enterobacter Sakazakii.  Edited by Jeffrey M. Farber and Stephen J. Forsythe. Washington DC.