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SVMBS IPB University Held General Lecture of Seminar Implementation for Bachelor of Veterinary Science Program

The School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SVMBS) IPB University has held a General Lecture of Seminar Implementation, on March 11, taking place in Lecture Rooms A and B1 for regular students and online for international students. This activity was attended by all batch 56 regular and international students. The General Lecture on Seminar Implementation aims to provide knowledge to students regarding the technical guidelines for holding seminars.

This activity presented speakers from the Head of the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVS) Program, Dr. drh. Wahono Esthi Prasetyaningtyas, M.Si; Secretary of the BVS Program Dr. drh. Ronald Tarigan M.Si; and Chairman of the Academic Quality Control Dr. drh. Savitri Novelina, M.Sc.

In his presentation, Esthi conveyed several requirements to become a presenter at the seminar, namely active student status, not currently receiving academic sanctions, having completed at least 120 credits of lectures with a 2.00 GPA without an E grade, having a thesis supervisor’s decree (SK) from Dean, having conducted a colloquium, have completed research/practice/field work/apprenticeship/library study/case study, wrote draft undergraduate thesis and seminar papers, obtained approval from the supervisor to conduct the seminar, have attended general lecture of seminar implementation; have attended undergraduate thesis seminars as participants at least 10 times at the SKHB or other relevant scientific seminars outside the SKHB, and wrote papers according to the latest IPB’s seminar paper writing format.

“Further information about the seminar can be seen in the POB Seminar which can be accessed on the SKHB website,” concluded Esthi.

This General Lecture of Implementation Seminar can provide students with knowledge how completing their final assignment and encourage students to graduate on time. (ns)