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SKHB IPB University Collaborates with Polsatwa Unit, Samapta Directorate, Polda Metro Jaya

The School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SVMBS) IPB University has visited the Polsatwa Unit of the Samapta Directorate, Regional Police (Polda) of Metro Jaya (28/2). This visit is in collaboration between SKHB IPB University and Polda Metro Jaya. Cooperation includes opportunities for Veterinary Professional Education (VPE) program students to practice in field in Polsatwa Unit and animal health training plans (bloodhounds) for Polsatwa Unit personnel.

The visiting group consisted of experts Drh. Arni Diana Fitri, M.Si; supervisory lecturer Drh. Arifin Budiman Nugraha, M.Si, PhD; and  Veterinary Professional Education (VPE) Program students of SVMBS IPB University.

The visit of SVMBS IPB University was welcomed by Head of K9 Unit Iptu Vin Suhartanto, Head of Cakkal Subunit K9 Iptu M Saragih, Head of Harvet Subunit Ipda Pande Nyoman, as well as several representatives from the K9 Unit personnel of the Samapta Directorate.

“This activity, which was carried out together with SVMBS IPB University, was checking the cage area, animal training area, cage air circulation, and animal health status such as blood and body temperature checks,” explained Iptu Vin Suhartanto.

“In this activity, VPE program students have helped with routine inspection of animals in the K9 Unit. The next planned activity is training for Polsatwa Unit personnel which will be carried out next month at IPB University Bogor,” explained Iptu M Saragih. (AP)