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SVMBS in Collaboration with Zoetis Indonesia Held Zoetis-SVMBS Academy

The School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SVMBS) IPB University in collaboration with Zoetis Indonesia held Zoetis-SVMBS Academy with the theme “NextGen Vetz Builds a Generation of Qualified Veterinary Candidates”, on March 18, 2023. The activity attended by the students of SVMBS IPB University aimed to increase students’ knowledge in veterinary medicine.

Opening speeches were delivered by the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs of IPB University Prof. drh. Deni Noviana, PhD, DAiCVIM, Acting Dean of SVMBS Prof. drh. Ni Wayan Kurniani Karja, MS, Ph.D, APVet, Vice Dean for Resources, Cooperation and Development SVMBS Dr. Drh. Andriyanto, M.Si , and Zoetis Indonesia General Manager Drh. Ulrich Erik Ginting.

The main event was divided into two sessions. In the first session, three speakers delivered interesting topics: Drh Laurensius Yuvianto explained about “The right time to perform a blood test”, Drh Tiara Putri Sajuthi explained about “Interpretation of blood results in correlaion with clinical symptoms and treatment”, and Suryani Adawiyah explained about “Value of Zoetis Vetcan Device”.

“It is very important to confirm the diagnosis by using supporting diagnoses procedures, for example routine blood examination. Best practice in collecting blood samples is one of the key successes before blood examination,” said Laurensius.

Interpretation of the results of blood examination is crucial to support veterinarian in giving the right diagnosis and treatment. “As an example, anemia is the most common clinical symptom in dogs and cats, therefore routine blood examination is necessary before giving treatment,” explained Tiara in her presentation. “Veterinarians have to to educate their client about the reason to perform a blood examination, since not all clients understand the importance of blood examination,” added Tiara.

Meanwhile, Suryani explained about VetScan, a blood test equipment to support diagnosis. This equipment is easy to operate, fast, and the results are accurate.

In the second session, two speakers presented their talk. Drh Rezi Zahra A delivered a talk about “Before care of Vaccine ” and Drh Darwela Nuraisyah delivered a talk about “After care of Vaccine”. Both speakers emphasized the importance of the handling of vaccine products, starting from production, storage, distribution, to evaluation after vaccination.

“It is important to ensure the storage temperature as well as the temperature during distribution from the factory to the consumer in order to maintain the vaccine’s effectiveness,” explained Rezi. In order to determine whether a vaccine is suitable for distribution, a recording device should be used to monitor the temperature during vaccine storage and delivery.

“Veterinarian should record the administered vaccine batch number. In case of complaint or unexpected reactions after vaccination, it will be easy to trace, take action, evaluate the level of effectiveness and safety of the circulating vaccine,” said Darwela.

On this event, the best students of Zoetis-SVMBS Academy were announced. These students were entitled to receive cash prizes as well as internship opportunities at Zoetis Indonesia. The three best students of Zoetis-SVMBS Academy were Anis Ridha Nadzifah, Raihanidya Salma, and Chandra Kusuma Dewi. The prizes were given by the General Manager of Zoetis Indonesia and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs of IPB University. (AP/km/dar)