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Board of Trustees of IPB University Appointed Prof. drh. Deni Noviana as Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs

The IPB University Board of Trustees (MWA) Open Plenary Session appointed four vice-chancellors of IPB for the 2023-2028 period, on February 17, which was held at the Graha Widya Wisuda building, Dramaga Campus, Bogor.

The four vice-chancellors, namely Prof. drh. Deni Noviana was appointed Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Alim Setiawan Slamet was appointed as Deputy Chancellor for Resources Resilience and Infrastructure, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ernan Rustiadi was appointed Deputy Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Agromaritime Community Development, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Iskandar Z. Siregar was appointed Vice Chancellor for Global Connectivity, Cooperation and Alumni.

Prof. Dr. Tridoyo Kusumastanto, Head of MWA IPB University congratulated the four elected vice-chancellors.

“Congratulations to the Vice Chancellors for the 2023-2028 period. Work honestly and decisively, leading together under the leadership of the Chancellor, Arif Satria, making us achieve new excellence,” he said.

In addition, he also expressed his gratitude and gave appreciation to the former Vice Chancellors of IPB University for the 2018-2023 period who together with Prof. Arif Satria achieved many extraordinary achievements.

“In accordance with the statutes of IPB University, vice-chancellors must be able to work together synergistically with the chancellor so that they are able to reach new peaks of excellence for IPB University. “Based on the results of the MWA Plenary Session with the Chancellor, various changes were made to the organizational structure and work procedures,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chancellor of IPB University, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria said that a vice-chancellor is assessed from three things, namely integrity, capability and acceptability.

“The elected vice-chancellors fulfill these requirements and have the same chemistry, so it’s easy to (invited) run fast. Therefore, the elected vice-chancellors are expected to be able to assist me in realizing the vision of IPB University to become a Techno-Socio Entrepreneurial University,” said Prof. Arif Satria. (AP)