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Mumtasya Karima Putri, Student of SVMBS IPB University Batch 56: Perseverance in Organizations Produces Achievements

Mumtasya is a student at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SVMBS) IPB University who likes organizational activities. This has been evidenced by her participation in various organizations on campus, such as the Association of Exotic Pets and Aquatic Animals (HKSA), the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA), and the Riau Bogor Student and Student Families Association.

The debate was how Mumtasya spent her teenage years. That was one of the reasons Mumtasya joined the IPB Debating Community (IDC). Becoming a member of IDC, Mumtasya can broaden her knowledge beyond the academic field and help hone her public speaking skills for the better. Being able to negotiate well made Mumtasya a member of the sponsorship division at the 69th IVSA Symposium.

Her persistence in organizational activities and participating in various competitions has earned her various awards, including: Delegate for the 69th IVSA Congress, IVSA; Delegate for 70th IVSA Congress, IVSA; Wander Voice International English Speech Competition 2021 Participant – Global Millennial Group; Debater of 10th English Parade 2020 Online – Universitas Brawijaya; Debater for Indonesia Varsity English Debate 2020 – UNIKA Atma Jaya Jakarta; Delegate for Indonesia Youth Leadership Conference 2019 – AIESEC Indonesia; Champion of Newbies Debating Competition 2019; Second Best Speaker 2019 Newbies Debating Competition 2019; and Octofinalist of National Schools Debating Championship 2018.

These various awards were a source of pride for Mumtasya, but this did not make her complacent. Precisely this is used as motivation for her to continue to carve out achievements.