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KATULAC, An Innovation to Increase Dairy Productivity

KATULAC is an innovation of the research team chaired by Prof. drh. Agik Suprayogi, a lecturer at SKHB IPB University, namely the depolarized katuk (Sauropus adrogynus). This innovation has been proven to be able to increase livestock productivity. The community also receives benefits through the application of complete cow feed equipped with depolarization katuk.

KATULAC is a technological innovation based on Indonesia’s local natural resources, which aims to increase milk production in livestock. This innovation is also to help efforts to meet national milk needs which are currently still dependent on imports.  This product has long been developed in laboratories as a product that is efficacious for increasing milk production and reproductive function.

Innovations show a positive response to increased milk yield and good nutritional composition of milk. This is evidenced by its excellent content of fat, protein, lactose and dry (total solid) content. The increase in milk yield that occurs does not disturb the balance of body weight of the lactation mother. 

Calves born by cows that consume this product show an increase in calf weight growth. The administration of this product is also able to suppress the incidence of subclinical mastitis (inflammation of the udder) in the udder of lactation cows, and does not interfere with the reproductive system in dairy cows.

This product is an additive feed, then the recommended dose is about 100-150 grams per day and administration is carried out during late pregnancy (± 9 months or the dry period of the cage) to during the lactation period. This product has the potential to be used in the supplementary feed industry and to support the increasing national milk production.