Himpro Hewan Kesayangan dan Satwa Akuatik Eksotik (Association of Veterinarian Profession in Pets & Aquatic-Exotic Animals)
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Bogor Agricultural University

Venue: Balai Penelitian Bioteknologi Perkebunan Indonesia-Bogor, 26 Mei 2012
Tema: Creating a Better Life for Delman Horses Through Public Veterinary Education of Health and Horse Keeping


In the present day we can still find traditional transportation such as delman (horse-drawn carriage), but lately delmans have not yet received enough attention from the government. Not only being considered as a cause of traffic jam, delmans are also known to soil and damage the traffic road. The government’s restriction for delmans to operate decreases the horsemen’s daily income, meanwhile the basic needs of the horsemen and their family must be fullfilled. The relatively low income and lack of knowledge of horsemen cause the horses to be under a poor care. This does not mean the lack of love from the horsemen, but the lack of medical knowledge about horse. The horsemen are still unfamiliar about the proper type, frequency, and techniques of feed suitable for the horse. Proper health maintenance of the horse is also still unknown. These are the purposes that become the foundation of Help Our Delman 2012.

The objectives of Help Our Delman 2012 are: 1.    To educate horsemen on how to care for their horses in the most proper and responsible way. This includes on how to be a passionate horse owner, understand basic horse health maintenance, feed, sanitize stable, groom the horse, know the importance of veterinarian, and know the right emergency treatment 2.    To raise awareness of the society on horse health and welfare 3.    To increase the knowledge on veterinary medicine student about practical skills on horse management and also the social skills to communicate with the society as future clients 4.    To facilitate animal lovers, especially horse lovers, and also organizations that operate in the welfare of companion animals to share thoughts and ideas 5.    To facilitate companies that operate in companion animals especially horses to introduce their products


The issue that we will raise in Help Our Delman this year is Creating a Better Life for Delman Horses Through Public Veterinary Education of Health and Horse Keeping.


The output expected from this event is a better life for the horses and horsemen which comes from a better knowledge of horse health and maintainance. With the help of starter packs that will be given, we hope there will be a increasement of the horses’s health and welfare. This event will also create a better relation between the veterinary society and public society. The Help Our Delman event will also awaken back the public’s interest on delman as traditional transportation and recreation. The use of delman as a transportation will also decrease the polution in Bogor. 


By referring the issue of Help Our Delman 2012, we arange this event into these few activities:
1.    Survey and The Make of Documentary Movie The purpose of the survey is to acknowledge the true condition of the delmans, how far the horsemen understand about horses, how they take care of the horses, and the obsticles they all face in their daily operation. The survey will be documentated into a movie. The documentary movie will be shown to the speaker of the talkshow before the event so the speaker will be able to prepare the proper lecture compatible with the condition of delman. The movie will be guided with english subtitle and will also be uploaded in Help Our Delman website (helpourdelman.blogspot.com) in order to be accessible by the public. Therefore to attract any future donatures who are willing to support this cause. The future sponsors will be given the opportunity to watch this documentary. We will also present the documentary movie in the Help Our Delman event.
2.    Talkshow with Equine Veterinarian The main goal of this event is to educate horsemen the proper care of horses. We will invite an experienced veterinarian horse practition as an expert. Before the talkshow, the speaker will show a documentary to give an outlook of the talkshow that will be presented. The expert will give a lecture about basic characteristics of horses, proper feeding, health maintanance, stable sanitazion, the role of veterinarian, proper grooming, and the suitable balanced life for horses. The expert will also show images of medical cases about health issues that often come upon horses and explain the best emergency treatment for the delman horses. It also expected that the horsemen will also share and seek guidance about their horses condition. A moderator will be present during this talkshow. In order to create a condusive situation , the talkshow will be held indoor. After the talkshow, their will be entertainment such as games and performances.
3.    Demonstrations and The Granting of Starter Packs The main purpose of this activity is to increase the practical skills of horsemen and the welfare of the horses. The starter pack contains grooming kit, calsium, vitamin B complex, and brown sugar. Before we give out the starter packs, there will demonstrations on how to use the contents of starter pack in the right way. At first, we will demonstrate the horsemen about the proper way to groom the horses. This activity will be done by the Veterinarian Medicine students of Bogor Agricultural University (BAU).  Before the Help Our Delman event, there will be training for the Veterinan Medicine students who are willing to contribute in this event so they can practice to interact with horses. Therefore, this event will help to increase the interaction skills of the students with horses. The grooming demonstration will be participated by 10 delman horses. A representative horsemen will also perticipate in grooming the horses. A veterinarian horse practitian will guide troughout the activity. The next demonstration will be about giving calsium, vitamin B complex, and brown sugar to the horse by a veteriner. The veterinarian will also demonstrate basic health examination for the horses. This is also important for the horsemen so they could do the examination themselves at home.