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Agrianita SVMBS IPB University Becomes Foster Mother of Student Dormitory and Held Healthy Saturday Event

Agrianita SVMBS and Agrianita FMIPA IPB University held an event “Healthy Saturday for PKU IPB Dormitory Students” in Dormitory Hall A5 (4/3). Agrianita FMIPA became the foster mother of the A1 Female Student Dormitory, while Agrianita SKHB became the Foster Mother of the A2 Female Student Dormitory. This Healthy Saturday activity is routinely held by PPKS (Prosperous Family Service Center) Wulan Agrianita IPB.

This event was attended by Elly L. Oemar (PLH Chairperson of Agrianita IPB University), Prof. Dr. Toni Bachtiar (Director of PPKU IPB), drh. Henny Endah Anggraeni, M.Sc (Chairman of Agrianita SKHB IPB University), Norma Berry (Chairman of Agrianita FMIPA IPB University), and members of Agrianita SKHB and FMIPA IPB University.

The series of events consisted of remarks, motivation, and service booths, namely the Free Health Check Up Booth, Chat Booth, Nutrition Improvement Stand, Preloved Goods Booth, and Education Booth.

“Healthy certainly starts with daily habits and these habits are also supported by mental and spiritual health. We also prepare counselors who are ready to help students. Physical health must also be supported by mental health because a healthy mind means a healthy body,” said drh. Henny.

At the end of the event, students receive healthy food for free. Through this event, it is hoped that it can establish solidarity between foster mothers and students at IPB University. (AP)