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Veterinary Teaching Hospital

SVMBS IPB University has several facilities to support the academic activities in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH), such as the clinical skill center (CSC), cardiology center service (CCS), and diagnostic imaging center (DIC), which was established in 2019. The CSC is designed for students to practice their clinical skills using simulators such as dummies (mannequins). The establishment of CSC was aimed to support animal welfare and the principle of the 3Rs (reduction, refinement, and replacement) to the use of animals. The CSC building consists of three compartments (CSC I, II, and III); each compartment has an average area of 24 m2.

SVMBS IPB University has animal facilities to hold animals of various species in VTH and UPHL. For dogs, there are 2 wards; each ward consists of 12 cages for healthy dogs and 20 cages for hospitalized dogs. For cats, there are 2 stations for healthy cats and 8 stations for hospitalized cats. For laboratory animals, there are 18 stations that can be used for various types of laboratory animals in different research settings. The VTH also has classrooms, 3 meeting rooms, a dormitory, guestrooms, and co-working space to support their academic activities. Besides that, there are also other supporting facilities such as 1 cafeteria, student center rooms, student cyber rooms, a necropsy room, directory, a museum, experimental animal cages, an equestrian park, a large ruminant shed, a small ruminants pen, crematoriums, and a library and advanced laboratory in university level. SVMBS provides 70 lockers, 17 hand-washing basins, 52 toilets, and 10 showers. There are also 3 guest rooms with an average area of 80 m2 that can be used by interns.