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Response to the Concern of SPR Farmers in Lamongan Regency, IPB University Sends a Veterinary Health Team

IPB University sent a veterinary health team from the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SKHB) chaired by Prof drh Agik Suprayogi to carry out an Integrated Clinical Consultation (Konikdukeswan) activity, Tuesday (4/7) in Sembung Village, Sukorame District, Lamongan Regency, East Java .

This activity is a quick response from IPB University in helping farmers with difficulties in dealing with outbreaks of foot and mouth disease (FMD) and lumpy skin diseases (LSD). This program is sponsored by the Directorate of Agromaritime Community Development (PMA) IPB University and supported by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies (PSP3) IPB University.

Four IPB University veterinarians, including professors, went into the field to provide enlightenment through clinical consultations to breeders at the IPB University Public Animal Husbandry School (SPR) in Lamongan Regency.

The clinical consultations were given in veterinarians’ practice rooms including the Clinical Diseases Clinic Room in Livestock (Dr drh Retno Wulansari), the Livestock Parasite Diseases Clinic Room (Prof drh Fadjar Satrija), the Viral Diseases Clinic Room (Dr drh Sri Murtini) and the Environmental Health Clinic (Prof drh Agik Suprayogi).

“This activity is an action by IPB University at the request of breeders, bearing in mind that they do not understand the occurrence of FMD and LSD outbreaks that often appear in their SPR. This of course raises public unrest,” said Prof Agik who is also Chairman of the IPB University SPR Management Unit during Konikdukeswan activities in the Sembung Village Hall (4/7).

Breeders are very enthusiastic and happy to participate in this event. No less than 75 people, mostly breeders, attended and consulted. The manager of SPR Prosperous Joint Sukorame, Iqbal said, breeders were happy that their letter to the Rector of IPB University could be responded to quickly. “We are now getting enlightenment from IPB University experts,” he said.

Secretary of the Lamongan Regency Livestock and Animal Health Office, Drh Rahendra Prasetya Eko Sudarsono expressed his gratitude to the IPB University animal health team. He said that his party was greatly helped by the presence of IPB University experts in Lamongan Regency.

“We are grateful that PMK and LSD in Lamongan Regency have subsided. The presence of IPB University experts has really helped us in educating breeders regarding various livestock diseases, especially FMD and LSD. Thank you IPB University,” he said.

The implementation of this activity also involved veterinarians from the Lamongan District Livestock and Animal Health Office. Drh Maria Heni Widyastuti, one of the veterinarians involved, stated that her party had handled FMD and LSD in Lamongan Regency with full force.

“The presence of IPB University’s animal health experts adds to our confidence in handling animal health, considering that there is a lot of information and experience that IPB University’s senior veterinarians can give us,” said drh Heni who is also an alumnus of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (now SKHB) IPB University.

Meanwhile, according to Prof Fadjar, in general the complaints of farmers in consultations are about the occurrence and handling of parasitic diseases which can interfere with the growth and immunity of livestock, in addition to various cases of livestock reproduction which also often occur. Dr Sri Murtini added that farmers still do not understand the disease process, especially PMK and LSD.

“Thankfully, in this consultation event, they mostly understood. The classic livestock problems, namely feed adequacy, environmental pollution and marketing aspects, still seem to be their difficulties,” added Prof Agik.

Prof Agik hopes that this Konikdukeswan activity will be able to cure the concern of SPR IPB University breeders in Lamongan Regency regarding animal health, especially the incidence of FMD and LSD, and give new hope for the health of their livestock. “That’s where IPB University experts should practice their knowledge from their beloved campus, IPB Jaya,” he concluded. (asp/Rz/AP) (IAAS/YMK)