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The IPB University Team Participates in the Workshop on the World’s Leading Researchers in Sumatran Rhino Reproduction

Seven delegates from IPB University visited Colossal Labs and Re:Wild Dallas Texas, non-governmental organizations engaged in conservation. This delegation was led by the Chancellor of IPB University Prof. Arif Satria and made a visit in order to sign an agreement and take part in the Workshop on the World’s Leading Researchers in Sumatran Rhino Reproduction.

Three of the delegates came from SKHB, namely Prof. Drh Bambang Purwantara, M.Sc, PhD., Prof. Drh Arief Boediono, PhD., PAVet (K), and Dr. Drh Muhammad Agil, M.Sc.Agr, Dipl. ACCM. The workshop lasted for 3 days (21-23/2).

The visit ended with the signing of an international collaboration between IPB University, Colossal Biosciences and Re:Wild (27/2).

The collaboration includes research and breeding activities for the Sumatran rhino. The agreement was carried out by the Chancellor of IPB University, Prof. Arif Satria, Founder & CEO of Colossal Bioscience, Ben Lamm, Chief Scientist & CEO of Re:Wild, Wes Sechrest, PhD which was witnessed by the Deputy Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) Houston, Oktorian Hakim.

Colossal Bioscience is currently running a project to revive mammoths, elephants that went extinct during the ice age, through a gene-editing process.

Meanwhile Re:Wild aims to protect and restore endangered wildlife in the world. Re:Wild will support Sumatran rhino conservation efforts in Indonesia. (AP)